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Air-ReNu is the recipient of INTL magazine’s 2019 Global Excellence Awards:

 Best Clean-Air Technology Product 2019

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The Palm Coast Award's Program Has Chosen Air-ReNu, Number One in the Smoke Odor Control Classification.


Smoking odors and the resulting residue are most difficult to eliminate. The invisible gases and particles from the smoke are absorbed by the floating dust/water molecules, drifting throughout the room. Over time, some of the odors dissipate and others most notably smoking odors and particle matter become embedded within the walls, ceilings, carpeting, and drapes. This creates what is known as third-hand smoke, a real health hazard.

Smoking Odors The majority, of our customers purchase our additive, to eliminate undesirable odors, consider your investment as a permanent air purification system a solution for maintaining healthy indoor air quality, for you and your family.


CV Award

It is a great pleasure to inform you that your nomination in the Business Innovator Awards 2018 has been marked as successful. The Ionic Paint Additive By, Air ReNu has been awarded, (Best Eco-Friendly Paint Additive) - South East USA


Global Excellence Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce that yourself and Ionic Paint Additive are recipients within Acquisition INTL magazine’s upcoming 2019 Global Excellence Awards, and that you have been awarded the title of:

Best Clean-Air Ion Technology Product 2019: Ionic Paint Additive

Our 2019 Global Excellence recipients are handpicked by AI magazine based on the comprehensive analysis and research undertaken by the wider group.

Installation: How much do I need?

The average 10' by 12' room consists of 480 square feet of wall space, less window and door openings. A gallon of paint will cover 350-400 Sq. Ft. and requires one packet of the ionic paint additive, per gallon at the cost of $34.95 for pet urine odors and $39.95 for smoking odors.

The ionic additive works 24/7/365  and will continue to purify the air for the lifespan of the paint, no electricity, filters or servicing required.

By comparison, a portable air purification unit cost between $120.00 up to $900 with annual operating costs of $50 to $100 for filter replacement and electricity (with most of that being for filters). Filter prices can range from around $10 each up to about $15.

 It's important the ionic additive be mixed properly with the paint, ask the paint department to add the ionic additive with the paint prior to mixing in a paint shaker.  If you require two coats add the additive to the last coat of paint. The additive can be mixed with water or oil-based paint

Planning on painting yourself, you will need to know the square footage before you can determine the amount of paint required we have, available a step by step procedure for estimating the footage and the amount of paint required for ceilings, walls, trim and doors.

This information is Available by Request, Att: Bert,  ionic-paint@outlook.com

*Regardless of the size of your order S/H is only $3.50 in US only.

Fill out the information form on, the right, click the add to cart button to confirm the # of packets,  the bonus packets will be added to your order automatically by the shipping dept, you will receive an email confirmation.

Eliminate Smoking Odors $39.95
Remove Cat Urine Odors $34.95


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