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Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal


Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal

Permanently eliminate smoke odor, and eliminate cat odor from cat litter, and breathe healthy clean air again using our Ionic Paint additive, which assists with odor removal.

NOV 2015

Simple, Low Cost Protection of Infant Health

Parents are very careful to create a safe home for their newborns. Advice is sought, magazine articles are devoured... and yet the air in the home is often taken for granted. Two things about indoor air quality and infants would surprise most people.

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'Tis the Season... to Repaint!

Before they deck the halls with boughs of holly, and even before they dash to the market to get snacks for the Big Game, many people paint the walls with refreshed colors. If you’re planning to repaint before guests arrive consider using Ionic Paint Additive from Air Re-Nu.

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OCT 2015

SEP 2015

Keep the Cats, Clean the Air For Better Health

Check YouTube and you’ll see hilarious clips of cats scampering around, getting into and out of odd places, snuggling with babies and doing all manner of cute things. What’s less amusing - and not at all cute - is that urine odor from a litter box is more unhealthy than most people realize.

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Relief from Buyer's Remorse Over Air Quality

Buyer’s remorse in real estate is a common concern. People  sometimes fall in love with a property, but when reality sets in after the papers are signed they may notice things they missed earlier. Most troublesome is when a genuine problem such as air quality issues reveals itself.

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Aug 2015