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                                                  Ionic Paint Additive Output for a 9' by 12' Room

The Ionic additive averages 139,000 anions output per cubic centimeter, a 9' by 12' room would equal 864 SF total wall space or 23.3MM cubic centimeters. The continuous anion output for a room, this size would equal 325 billion anions, no electricity, filters or service required. Most importably, the ionic additive will continue to purify the air of odors and toxins for 8-12 years.

                                          Mix One Packet of Ionic Paint Additive per Gallon of Paint
On average a gallon of paint will cover 320-400, sq. ft., ask the paint department to include the additive prior to starting the paint shaker to insure proper blending. It is not necessary to use the additive on ceilings providing the walls are painted. The paint additive will continue to remain, effective as long as the paint is intact usually 8-12 years. If the wall surface requires more than one coat, only mix the Ionic Additive with the final coat of paint.

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