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Eliminate Offensive Smoking & Cat Urine Odors

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Bring in some fresh air with our cat urine and smoke odor eliminator in Palm Coast, FL

Transform the walls in your home into a permanent air purification system, improving air quality and eliminate offensive smoking odors & pet odors.

It's as simple as mixing the ionic paint additive with interior house paint and applying the paint to the walls of your home.

The additive permanently eliminates smoking odors, pet urine odors, mold spores, cooking odors and airborne microscopic dust particles. The treated wall surface will continue to remain effective for the life of the paint usually 8-12 years, no electricity, filters, or servicing required.

The ionic paint additive is a proprietary blend of 31 all-natural rare-earth minerals containing piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. 

The phenomenon of piezoelectricity, the release of electric charge under the application of mechanical stress, occurs in all non-centrosymmetric materials. Pyroelectricity, the release of an electric charge due to a material’s change of temperature, occurs in all materials that belong to a polar crystal symmetry class.

The science behind the Air-ReNu, technology is air ionization. The purification process is activated by normal air movement (convection current) within a room. As the warmer air passes over the treated wall surface, electrified atoms (anions) are released, which are electrostatically attracted to the (positively charged ions) once the two bond they are oxidized eliminating offensive odors, airborne toxins and dust particles.

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Cat  urine odor eliminator    

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Residue from Cigarette smoking

Regardless, of how hard we try it’s impossible to prevent the accumulation of household dust; the average home generates forty pounds of dust each year. It’s tracked in by our shoes, the household pets and the closing and opening of windows/doors.

The ionic paint additive is, very effective in removing fine and ultrafine (dust)particles (0.01-1 micron). Normally 90% of all air borne particles in the air consist of fine and ultrafine (dust)particles. These particles contribute to the most serious health complaints such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD and cardiovascular diseases. In addition to health problems, dust is a major cause of odours. 

 Members: American Chemical Society,Construction Specification Institute and Federation of Coating Technologies         

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