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                                          Where That Smell Coming From?

Lingering odors are made up of invisible gases that have vaporized from their source such as tobacco smoke, cat urine and normal pet odors. These vaporized odors float through the air and are absorbed like a sponge by floating dust particles and water molecules drifting in the room. As the suspended particles carrying the odors move throughout the home some embedding into the carpeting, upholstery and walls resulting in an unpleasant smell. You can’t see them, but you can smell them.

Households with pets or residence smokers have a continuing challenge eliminating persistent odors. Stale tobacco and cat urine odors can create breathing problems for home owners, guests, seniors and infants.

Property management companies, real estate brokers and agents deal with odor issues on a routine basis. It’s projected that up to 10% of all listings have odor issues. The home/apt looks good but smells bad, making it difficult to sell or rent.


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The hardeset odors to eliminate

  Stale Smoke Odors                                                                    
smoking ashtray

Smoking odors are by far the most challenging to eliminate. These invisible, vaporized gases become absorbed by airborne water molecules and dust particles, then drift on the air currents within the room. Over time, some of the odors will disperse. However, a lasting build-up within carpets, furniture and walls will remain resulting in a stale smoke smell.


   Cat Urine and Pet Odors cat urine odors

Magnified Picture of Dust     Particle

A/C Return Vent


Cat urine, has three chemical parts. The first part is urea, which makes the urine sticky. The second part is Urochrome, which gives the urine its ugly yellow color that stains carpets, furniture and walls. The third part of the urine is made up of Uric Acid, which consists of the salts and crystals that give off the extremely offensive odor.



Regardless, of how hard you try; it is difficult to prevent the buildup of dust in our homes. Your yard, shoes, pets, door and window openings are a continual source of dust. Airborne and nearly invisible to the eye, the floating dust particles carry the odors and toxins throughout the home.


Consider your duct system as a possible source. Any odors that might be present are recycled whenever the blower is running. You can resolve any potential problem by using a piece of plastic cut to fit  behind the vent as illustrated in the picture. A yard sale sign, painted on both sides works well. As the return air flows across the surfaces painted with the ionic additive, anions are discharged into the duct-work eliminating any odors or toxins. Notice the position of the painted surface. The airflow will not be restricted.



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