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Eliminate Smoking odors remove cat urine odors healthy indoor air

             Improve indoor air quality by permanently eliminating, smoking, pet urine and cooking odors

Healthier indoor is important, particularly for seniors, infants who are more susceptible to respiratory ailments, virus, colds, and bacteria. Now! Thanks to the award-winning technology (Patent Pending) by Air-ReNu; you can paint a permanent air purification system right onto the walls of your home or office, in a way that is safe, clean and green.

Through the use of ionic technology, Far-Infra Red rays and a proprietary blending process, our paint additive products, have been enhanced to eliminate offense odors and toxins.  Mix the additive with the paint; paint your walls and breathe clean, healthy air free of odors and toxins.

The ionic paint additive is a proprietary blend of 31 rare-earth organic minerals containing piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties consisting of a variety of elements, aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium, monazite, and magnetite; once blended the minerals are ready to be mixed with interior paint. 

The Scientifically Proven Principle behind the ionic additive technology is air ionization. The process starts with the natural air movement within the room. As the warmer air rises across the painted wall's surfaces, electrified, atoms (anions/white) are released, which become electrostatically attracted to the positively charged floating dust (Blue) particles, once the two particles bond, the dust particles carrying the odors and toxins are oxidized and removed.

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                                                                          The Culprit Floating Dust Particles

It’s impossible to prevent the accumulation dust in your home; it brought in on your shoes, pets and the opening and closing of doors and windows.

The specific dust mix in any household differs according to climate, the age of the house and the number of people who live in it — not to mention the occupants' cooking, pets, cleaning and smoking habits. 

The floating dust particles act like a sponge absorbing odor's and toxins, embedding them in the furniture, walls, and ceilings. Over time, some of the odors dissipate; others are re-introduced (off-gassing) whenever there is a temperature/ humidity change.


Dust carry odors and toxins                                                    



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