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Eliminate Smoking odors remove cat urine odors

                                                OH! That Smell

Lingering odors are the result of invisible gases that have vaporized from their source such as tobacco smoke, pets, cat urine and cooking odors. These vaporized odors are absorbed like a sponge by floating dust particles and water molecules drifting through the room. As the suspended particles carrying the odors move throughout the home some are absorbed by the carpeting, upholstery and walls resulting in an offensive smell.

Households with pets or residence smokers have a continuing challenge eliminating persistent odors. Stale tobacco and cat urine odors can create breathing problems for home owners, guests, seniors, infants and even your pets.

Healthier indoor air is critical especially for those who are susceptible to respiratory ailments, colds, viruses and bacteria. Now, thanks to innovative technology, it is easier to improve air quality and remove undesirable odors in a way that is safe, green, and effective. And breathing clean air is better for your health. Through the use of ionic technology, far-infrared rays and a special manufacturing process, our ionic paint additives, have been enhanced to diminish bacterial proliferation, suppress growth of mold, virus and fungi, and remove smoking, pet and mold odors.

                                   The Most Difficult Odors to Eliminate

Smoking odors, are the hardest odors to eliminate. Why do they linger when the sources of the odor are no longer visible? The smells associated with smoking odors are mostly made up from the invisible gases released from their source. These vaporized gases become attached to the floating air particles, which drift on the air currents within the room. Over time some dissipate while others most notably smoking and urine odors-are absorbed by the paint on the walls, carpet and drapes.   

                                           Remove Smoking Odors    


                                                              Cat Urine Odors Smell?

Cat Urine consists of three chemical parts. The first part the Urea, makes the urine sticky and allows the other two parts to create offensive odors. The second part, Urochrome gives the urine its ugly yellow color that stains carpets, furniture and the walls. The third part is made up of Uric Acid, which consists of salts and crystals that produce the pungent odors. Cat urine vaporize's and become's an invisible gas, which is absorbed by the suspended dust and water molicues particles that float throughout the room carrying the odor with them.

                                                                            Cat urine smell eliminate odorsCat Urine Odors, Remove cat smells



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