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ELIMINATE Offensive ODORS...including Smoking and Cat Urine

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Eliminate Offensive Smoking     and Cat Urine Odors... Healthy Air, Healthy Home 

Transform the walls of your home into a permanent air purification system. It's as simple as mixing the ionic additive with interior house paint and applying to the walls of your home. This easy to use additive improves indoor air quality by eliminating offensive odors such as smoking odors, cat urine smells, cooking odors and airborne dust and toxins; one application works 24/7/365 and will continue to be effective as long as the paint, normally 8 to 12 years, no electricity, filters, or servicing required.

This Scientifically proven technology is a blend of 31 natural rare-earth elements containing piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties consisting of a variety of elements, including aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium, monazite, and magnetite. Once blended, the minerals are simply mixed with any color interior house paint.

The principle behind the ionic additive technology is "Air Ionization." The process starts with the natural air movement within the room. When warmer air rises across the painted walls' surface, electrified, atoms (anions/white) are released, which become electrostatically attracted to the positively charged floating dust (cations/Blue) particles, once the two particles bond, the dust/water particles carrying the odors and toxins are oxidized and eliminated.


The Culprits Are: Dust/Water Molecules 

Dust Carry Odors and Toxins

Regardless, of how hard we try its imposable to prevent the accumulation of household dust; it's estimated the average home generates forty pounds of dust each year. It’s tracked in by our shoes, household pets and the closing and opening of windows and doors.

The larger particles can be seen floating through the air when the sunlight streams through the windows at the right angle, ninety percent, can only be seen under an electron microscope.

The floating dust/water particles contain a mixture of undesirable elements, including offenise odors, skin cells from family members and pet odors, carpet fibers and smoking remnants.

The most vulnerable family members are seniors and the youngest: Infants are up to 100 times more susceptible to the health hazards of dust-borne pollutants than adults.

Are you planning on painting this spring? Install a permanent air purification system by adding the ionic paint additive to the paint and breathe healthy, clean air.

Members: American Chemical Society Construction Specification Institute-Federation of Coating Technologies

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